Reema first learned about yoga philosophy from her Grandfather, Ayurvedic cooking from her Grandmother and Sanskrit songs from her Mother. Reema’s devotion to all aspects of yoga has led her to study with Masters in India, Europe and the States.

Passionate about living the Yoga lifestyle while mothering her toddler, Reema teaches “Yoga as Lifestyle” workshops and retreats.  She has been teaching Yoga and Ayurveda workshops for over ten years. Her work has been featured in several publications including Yoga Journal and Yoga International.  Reema is co-author of the book, Sacred Sanskrit Words and has two music albums released by Nutone Music.  Yoga International has recognized Reema as “The Yoga Ambassador.”

Reema enjoys bringing yoga to marginalized communities through the Usha Yoga Foundation, which she founded in 2006. The foundation has helped yoga teachers bring yoga to women’s shelters, rehabilitation centers, prisons, schools, and hospitals.

Learn more on www.reemadatta.com

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    • Thank you for writing, Manisha. I also look forward to meeting you in person some day and sharing more.
      Thank you for your encouragement and support.

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